Connecting with Your Ancestors — Tarot Reader Charisse Van Horn

I work with ancestors and spirit guides in several ways. First, I offer angels and ancestor oracle readings that tap into ancient spiritual wisdom from those guides who’ve walked the earthly plane long before our time. These spirit guides may be in the form of a shaman, wise men and women, guardian angels, medicine men and women, and lightkeepers. These readings are powerful tools that help you connect with wise ones through ancient ceremonial practices through the use of oracle cards.

Besides oracle readings, I use various tarot card spreads to connect with ancestors as well.

As a psychic medium, it is possible that one of your loved ones who has passed may come through during a reading regardless of what divination tool I am using. I am open to the best way Spirit wants to communicate. It isn’t unheard of that I begin a reading with tarot or oracle cards, then pick up images or impressions that cause me to switch to other methods of divination such as using a pendulum or ouija board to receive more information.

If the Spirit I am communicating with is powerful enough, I may only rely on the impressions I am seeing and hearing and continue the reading with just the information that is coming through along with the querent’s response to that information.

Here is the oracle deck that I use for ancestor readings in addition to divination with pendulums and mediumship.

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