Angels of Light Messages For New Year’s Eve Free Readings


I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s celebration. For New Year’s Eve, I streamed live on Read the Tarot YouTube’s and Facebook channels along with my new YouTube channel Your Spirit Messages. You may visit that channel here: The channel is in the early stages and I am building an accompanying website (  and social media platforms. As a psychic-medium, I work in many formats and there is a difference between being psychic and being a medium. As a psychic-medium, I channel information from spirit guides and spirit beings on other planes. These messages come from spirit guides, angels, and ancestors, friends, and loved ones you may have in spirit. 

Your Spirit Messages are messages I am channeling for your highest good from spirit beings on higher planes. I do not use tarot or oracle cards for the messages given on 

For our New Year’s Eve stream, I used the Angels of Light oracle deck by Diana Cooper. The cards are beautiful and the messages come with accompanying affirmations. There were several cards that showed up multiple times during the readings, and I wasn’t surprised. One card that frequently appeared on New Year’s Eve was beginnings! We also saw appearances by two Archangels (Michael and Uriel) and on Saturday’s Tarot Reading and Sacred Geometry Activations, Archangel Michael showed up again with powerful synchronicity.

Angels of Light Oracle Cards with Activations by Diana Cooper

You may rewatch the live stream in the video player below and let your spirit guides speak to you about the breakthroughs you will encounter in 2022.

I prophesy over you that this will be a year of spiritual breakthrough and abundance. Though we are in the midst of a pandemic and the world is being shaken to the core, those who trust in the divine source of love will not falter. Keep your eyes upon things that are above. Keep your vibrations high and in tune with the divine. When given a choice, choose love. Keep your hearts full of compassion and gratitude and be thankful for the life that you have.

There is great pain and suffering in the world as Covid-19 continues to claim the lives of many of our loved ones and dear friends. Please know that death is not permanent.

Though your loved ones and friends may have suddenly passed into spirit, they are still conscious. Their energy is still strong and they are still around you, waiting to communicate.

This is what a medium is and the service to humanity that mediumship provides. A medium is a bridge (or medium) between the physical and spiritual planes and serves by bringing messages between the two.

Though many of you are in grief and have had your worlds shaken upside down, this is not time to lose heart or lose focus. This is not time to sink into depression and give up.

There are many blessings in store and you must remember that life is good. You are here to enjoy life and enjoy it fully. Everything in your life that keeps your from enjoying and living your life victorious is an obstacle that you will overcome. The things that keep you down are not your destiny, they are stumbling blocks on your road to victory.

I claim that 2022 will be a victorious year for you.

If you missed our free New Year’s Eve live stream and would like an angel reading with messages to carry you through the New Year, please contact me either here, by phone, email, or using my pop up contact form on this page.

God bless you and read the tarot.

Please note that if you view the video on YouTube, you will see the live chat that was recorded during the broadcast.

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