Daily Tarot March 11: Death, The Star, King of Pentacles

I drew three cards for you today — Death, The Star, and King of Pentacles.

Death is a troubling card for many. Today may you let go of the past and open yourself to change. Things have not gone the way you wanted, and it’s time to close the door and move forward. You may think darkness surrounds you, but if you will look up the star of hope is shining light on you.

What you thought would destroy you has only caused you to find your inner strength and refocus your motivation. Awaken yourself to hope and think positively. What you feared would destroy you is over. Now is the time to move into a place of expectation. The Star shines over you lighting the way.

Though your path is not as illuminated as it would be in the sun, you have ample light to see the path ahead of you and find your footing. Get on the path and you will see the light shining around you. Look straight ahead. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you are heading towards it. The King of Pentacles empowers you to be a success in every area of your life. With the King’s energy, you will stay on your journey to success and achieve your goals. Stand firm and stay strong. Use your creativity and reason to create a plan and stick to it. With the Star lighting your way and the King’s energy strengthening you, you will achieve your goals.

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