Daily Tarot Reading April 1: Two of Staffs, Three of Staffs, Strength — Exploring New Beginnings

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I drew three cards for you today. They are the Two of Staffs, the Three of Staffs, and Strength. Strength is the major arcana card and sets the tone for the reading. This reading is in line with many of March’s readings and speaks about perseverance. I always find it interesting when two cards from the same suit are drawn in order and as we enter a new month and welcome all the newness April brings, the Two and Three of Staffs brings us the energy we often associate with The Fool. It’s no surprise that this energy is present on April Fool’s Day and this reading speaks about being daring, taking risks, and using strength as you explore new beginnings and adventures.

Let’s begin.

The Two of Staffs speaks about boldness and exercising your personal power. It is a card that features a man holding two staffs — one in each hand — as he peers over a vast landscape. This man is on a journey and he isn’t afraid to start a new venture. He has excitement fueling him and that inherently brings a degree of risk. It can be scary venturing off into the unknown, but you will never reach your destination until you take that first step into your destiny. With the Two of Staffs, you have the boldness and authority to carve out your own path and reach your goals.

Some people are so afraid of taking risks they become stagnant, stay stuck in one place, and never experience the fullness of the life they were meant to live. In yesterday’s reading, we saw the Sun in the past and future (Six of Staffs) position, and today’s reading continues from yesterday’s. The Two of Staffs embodies many of the same qualities of the Sun and this reading says it is time for new beginnings.

The Three of Staffs represents exploration and leadership, and it works in conjunction with strength. The Three of Staffs shows that you have the innate skills needed to persevere and not only continue along the path you’ve carved out for yourself, but can encourage others to follow along and work with you as you do so.

Strength is the main focus of this reading and you have all the strength that you need to make your dreams a reality. It takes strength and courage to boldly go into a new venture. Another form of strength is exhibited when you persevere through hardships and endure trials in order to reach your goals. It is the strong who never give up and succeed. Whatever it is you are striving for, continue to persevere. Use your boldness and power and never give up. You will achieve your goals.

God bless you.

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