Daily Tarot Reading April 10: Two of Coins, Nine of Coins, Strength — Fighting COVID-19, Your Self-Control Will Pay Off

Today’s message is about self-control and the rewards that you will reap from them. If you are practicing self-control in any form, don’t give up! You will soon be rewarded!

This is a general reading. Please contact me to schedule a personalized reading specifically targeted to address your situation in-depth.

I drew three cards for you today. They are the Two of Coins, the Nine of Coins, and Strength. This is the fourth time in 10 days that I have drawn the Strength major arcana card. The tarot is speaking and has an important message for those who are enduring these tumultuous times. Be strong and do not faint! Do not give up! Keep pushing your way through and you will make it! Okay, let’s begin.

The Two of Coins symbolizes balance and harmony. As we continue to carry on through the COVID-19 pandemic and unfortunately, prepare for the fourth wave, it’s important to keep your guard. This is not the time to let things get out of balance or throw caution to the wind. Keep your self-control and restraint and if you feel like giving up, try a new approach. This isn’t the time to let your guard down but if you are feeling weary, try something different. You have a great sense of humor and can tap into your creativity to make necessary changes fun and even exciting.

The Nine of Coins shows that you have great resilience and know how to exercise temperance, restraint, and self-control. Though the immature and young rarely consider these qualities fun, they are traits that lead to a successful, prosperous life. Those who are pursuing their highest good are advised to continue practicing self-control and moderation in all things. As this is a general reading, I feel it is speaking about the COVID-19 pandemic and is a word of encouragement to remain vigilant and continue fighting the good fight against this novel virus and its variants.

If one tarot card could define April it is certainly the Strength card. You are stronger than you believe you are and can make it through these unprecedented times. Be wise and remain strong. Though you may get tired, be patient. Exercise self-control, compassion, and remember that you are the rock others are depending upon. Yes, it is a big responsibility, but you have everything within you that you need to meet the challenge.

God bless you.

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