Daily Tarot Reading April 2: Strength, Four of Swords, Queen of Coins — Be Strong and Prosper

This is a general reading. Please contact me to schedule a personalized reading specifically targeted to address your situation in-depth.

I drew three cards for you today. They are Strength, the Four of Swords, and the Queen of Coins. This reading picks up from our April 1, or April Fool’s Day reading that showed Strength in the future position. In today’s reading, we begin with the Strength card, see the Four of Swords in the current position and the Queen of Coins is in the future spot. The reading shows that there is prosperous, abundant energy surrounding you right now, and also shows what steps you must take in order to tap into it.

The reading features Strength that is the Major Arcana card represented by the number eight. There are many ways to be strong in life that encompass more than physical strength. Sometimes it takes great strength to be patient, to bite your tongue, to exercise self-control, to walk away from conflict, or not to fight back when someone baits you. We often associate strength with physical endurance and completing heavy, challenging tasks, but strength is far more reaching than physical. We are presented with challenges on a daily basis that requires the strength of our minds, will, and characters. In this reading, we are asked to call upon these qualities and traits and find ways in life to exercise our strength in all areas.

Sometimes the best way to increase our strength and prepare for success is to rest and take time to reflect on a situation. The Four of Swords asks us to stop ‘doing things to change a situation and instead, take a step back, get in tune with your inner voice, and listen to your intuition. You may have been working so hard to achieve something when there is a better strategy. Take time to meditate and rest.

Sometimes when you want to change what’s happening around you, the answers are found within you. Cultivate an atmosphere of peace that includes plenty of meditation and time away from the noise of day-to-day life. This will allow you to truly hear what God is speaking to you and will align you with divine purpose.

The Queen of Pentacles is a card that signifies an overabundance of blessing. As a woman, the card can refer to motherly affection and care and can signify if someone is pregnant. This reading; however, is about prospering in all areas of your life regardless of your gender. By utilizing your strength and practicing qualities such as temperance, self-control, inner restraint, and showing wisdom, you will put yourself in a position for blessing.

The Four of Swords asks you to rest and instead of striving to achieve a goal, to look within and get in touch with your divine purpose. Use meditation and relaxation to find answers to what is happening around you.

The Queen of Coins asks you to extend love, care, nurturing, and compassion to those around you. Look for ways in your life to extend this energy to those who need it. Just as a mother opens her heart with love and care for her child, exemplify these same compassionate qualities in your life. By embracing these principles, you will see a shift change and you will become a magnet for abundance and blessings.

God bless you.

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