Daily Tarot Reading April 4: Devil, Ace of Swords, Three of Cups — Easter Blessing

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I drew three cards for you today. They are the Devil, Ace of Swords, and Three of Cups. There is no question about this reading’s meaning — it is an Easter blessing. The Devil card is in the past position and the Ace of Swords is current. The Three of Cups shows the future celebration, and it is my interpretation that for this reading, the Three of Cups symbolizes the Holy Trinity. It’s no surprise that these cards are our message for Easter.

The Devil tarot card represents lust of the flesh, addictions, and human bondages. It is the depiction of humanity in its lowest form. It is a major arcana card, represented by the number 15 and the devil card represents everything undesirable in humanity. Literally, this reading is the expression of Jesus Christ’s victory over the devil during his crucifixion. It shows that all humans have victory over the flesh and the devil as well.

The Ace of Swords is the weapon that we all have to conquer the devil or the lust of the flesh. Whether it is bondages, addictions, obsessions, materialism, or having a negative attitude, you can use the Ace of Swords to cut through all of the mental, emotional, and even physical challenges that you are faced with. Life is always a battle and you have the power to choose the life you live. It’s never too late to pick up the weapons of your warfare and wage war against the strongholds that are keeping you from living your divine destiny. Pick up the Ace of Swords and fight what oppresses you with mental clarity, truth, justice, strength, and fortitude.

The Three of Cups shows how Jesus conquered the devil as a partnership with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Three of Cups is a card that symbolizes celebration, victory, unity, and working together in a group.

You are not in this fight alone. Whatever oppresses you, will not defeat you. You not only have the power of the Ace of Swords to conquer your demons, but you have an army that will fight alongside you, lift you up, and help you overcome.

You are not alone in this world.

God bless you..

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