Daily Tarot Reading April 5: Four of Cups, The World, Four of Coins Blessed to Be a Blessing

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I drew three cards for you today. They are the Four of Cups, The World, and the Four of Coins. The World is a major arcana represented by the number 21. It is the final major arcana card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck and represents fulfillment and completion. This reading continues from our Easter blessing and our April 3 reading that spoke about being empowered to succeed. This reading serves as a warning for those who get in touch with their intuition and are walking in an empowered path, not to become complacent.

In our April 3 reading, we were shown the importance of looking within and getting in touch with our intuition in order to find our divine purpose. Our Easter blessing showed us Jesus as our role model for conquering lusts of the flesh and negativity in order to remain on the right path to blessing and success. Today’s reading speaks about the dangers of becoming too introspective and once we become blessed, becoming greedy or stingy and not giving those blessings away.

The Four of Cups speaks about becoming withdrawn or introverted. Though we are encouraged to turn within so that we may hear the divine voice of guidance and get in touch with our intuition, there is a danger that comes with turning inwards too much. We don’t want to dwell so much on the internal that we become depressed.

When we turn inwards and get in touch with our higher selves, we often come to a place of deep healing. It’s important that in these situations, we make amends with those whom we need to clear the air with and release situations that lead us to the low realms of guilt and shame. Guilt and shame are forbearers of depression and will quickly sabotage any healing progress you have made. Yes, you need to look within, but you are not supposed to stay there in a place that saps you of your mental well-being. Meditate to get in touch with your intuition. You will often find deep healing springs from these times of internal reflection and introspection. When situations arise to the surface, make peace with them and those who may have been hurt from your actions. Then release all guilt and shame and usher in the spirit of forgiveness. Only then will you walk into the fullness and completeness that is represented by The World.

There are 22 major arcana cards in a tarot deck. The Fool is the first card, and zero represents it. The Magician is the number one card, and the very last card of the major arcana is The World. It is number 21, but the 22nd major arcana card. It represents completeness, wholeness, and happiness. It is the feeling you have when your life is flowing in perfect harmony with everything around you. The next card in this reading is a warning not to become complacent when you are in this state.

The Four of Coins represents blocked change, holding onto your possessions, and wanting to be in control. Many times when our lives are flowing in perfect harmony, we don’t want to upset the cart. We want things to stay the same, but this can cause blockages and interrupt our flow and threatens what we have achieved. When we are blessed, it isn’t so that we can gloat our blessings over those less fortunate — it is so that we can be a blessing to others. Remember that we come into this world with nothing and we leave without our material possessions as well. When we are blessed it is so that we can be a vessel and let those blessings pour through us.

Blessings aren’t limited to the material. Are you letting love, peace, goodwill, temperance, compassion, and charity flow through you today?

Look for areas in your life where you can bless others. You are a vessel of divine love, let it flow.

God bless you.

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