Daily Tarot Reading July 7: Reversal of Fortune and Swift Change

Good morning! It is July 7, 2021, and here in Florida, we’ve dealt with our first hurricane of the year. Much of us have fared well and things weren’t nearly as bad as many feared they would be. Still, today’s reading wasn’t full of sunshine and rainbows. Instead, the cards showed there are some tough times ahead, along with rapid and swift changes. As this is a daily reading, and limited to today’s energy, it doesn’t signify long-term struggles, just some difficulties that will be dealt with today.

The cards I drew were the eight of cups reversed, the two of cups reversed, followed by the Tower upright. I then drew the three of cups reversed and five of cups upright, and yes…my deck was thoroughly shuffled. The number of cups that showed up in this morning’s reading was staggering but not surprising.

Read the Tarot: Charisse Van Horn

Cups speaks to emotions and with the moon right now in Gemini, it is a good time for people to focus on their brain health and engage in activities that stimulate learning and creativity. Additionally, make sure to step back from stressful situations, slow down, and relax.

If you find yourself unusually upset or anxious today, give yourself a break and slow down. If today’s energy brings you sudden and swift changes, don’t resist. Go with the flow and take it one deep breath at a time. The five of cups card shows us that even when we lose things, there is always something left behind that we may carry in its place. If three of your cups have toppled over, pick up the two that are still standing. It is only a setback, not your demise.

I promise, the sun will shine again.

You may see this morning’s reading below.

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