Daily Tarot Reading March 13: Four of Pentacles, Four of Swords, King of Swords

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I chose three cards for you on March 13. They are the Four of Pentacles, the Four of Swords, and the King of Swords.

The Four of Pentacles speaks about being possessive, wanting to be in charge, and blocking change by refusing to open yourself to a new direction. In life, many situations come our way that spark fear. Change is often scary, but without change, there is no growth. Everyone is on thier own personal journey to spiritual maturity, light, and love. We begin as young babes innocent to the world. As we grow and become aware, many of us can become jaded by what we have seen, heard, and personally experienced. For some, these experiences cause us to become stuck. We become so wrapped up in our emotional turmoil of what we experienced, we never see the way through. The Four of Pentacles asks us to let go of the things that we think bring us safety, security, and protection and open ourselves up to growth.

Are you blocking change in yourself and those around you? Are you demanding people meet your preconceived expectations, rather than letting them be who they are? The more demands you put on those around you, the less freedom they have to become their higher self. Not only do those demands limit your growth, but they will limit those who are in your inner circle where they will either wilt away in submission or break free from the cage.

Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t be afraid to let go and give up the control that you have. It is only by learning how to go with the flow of Divine wisdom that you will make your way along the path. Otherwise, you will stand still and demand those around you stay stuck in the same spot with you.

The Four of Swords refers to taking a break, pausing, reflecting, and giving yourself permission to heal. It is the true accompaniment to the Four of Pentacles in this reading as it is addressing the steps we need to bring change. Where the Four of Pentacles asks us to look within and see where we are making demands and blocking change by being possessive, the Four of Swords is asking us to stop, pause, reflect, and heal.

It is tiring trying to control everything. The person who is always in charge, always running the show, takes on a burden that can quickly suck the life out of a person. In order to make it in this journey you need to let go and give up control and to do that you need to stop and rest. The Four of Pentacles shows us a person who is very active keeping their possessions, blocking change, and making demands on themselves and others. They became this way from ‘doing’ things, making demands, and actively controlling situations. The solution is to rest, give it up, and simply stop.

The Four of Swords says to go into a period of quiet reflection, rest your mind, your body, and your spirit. This is where your healing comes from. Stop doing so much, let go and Let God. Bring meditation and relaxation into your life. Learn how to truly relax only then will you attain the peace you are looking for.

You are on this journey to live, grow, learn, and love — not to control.

The King of Swords shows the ultimate outcome after taking this time to rest, relax, contemplate, let go, and heal. There is a fulfillment in the King of Swords that was once attempted by the Four of Pentacles.

The Four of Pentacles speaks about control and demands, including using control, manipulation, even greed to make others bend to your will. This will not work, is not an act of love, and results in stagnation in your personal life, the lives of others, and your relationships.

The King of Swords brings leadership energy to any situation, but not through control and manipulation. The King of Swords brings order from chaos through mental clarity, logic, reason, analyzing a situation, and by bringing truth, justice, and fairness, in an honest and loving manner.

Take the time to reflect on your situation. Do not lean on control or manipulation to bring change. Instead, let truth, honesty, and clarity of mind guide your way. Use the power of the King of Swords to swiftly cut through the ties that bind you and walk your journey the empowered victorious warrior you truly are.

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