Daily Tarot Reading March 15: The Chariot, 2 of Coins, 6 of Coins — A Word About The Stimulus

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I drew three cards for you, the Chariot, 2 of Coins, and the 6 of Coins. During our past few readings, the cards spoke about harnessing the power of the new Pisces moon in order to make necessary changes.

This is a good read and as it is general, it refers to the stimulus payments going out in the U.S. This is represented in the 6 of Coins card. Let’s dig into this powerful reading as it speaks to balance and blessing!

The first card is The Chariot. This is a powerful card that speaks about achieving goals, being successful, and victorious. If you look at the card, you will see the Egyptian figure who is riding atop the chariot is a fearsome and victorious leader. This card speaks to great success and achievement and represents being in a good place in life. Because this reading features two coin cards along with the successful, victorious leader, it is speaking about being wise, using self-control, and being successful with money. It is a call to those to use self-control with their finances, especially now that financial blessings are on the way. Though the pandemic has set many back and caused a great deal of physical, emotional, and financial suffering, there is an opportunity here to make a change. Be wise with your money and you will continue to see more blessings coming your way.

The Two of Coins represents balance and keeping things in order. This card complements The Chariot as both speak about self-control and discipline. Financial blessings are on the way but it is important to exercise self-control and discipline with them. There are still situations that you are dealing with that require balance and juggling and this financial blessing is a good start. By practicing self-control, you can bring the situations that are out of balance into harmony and enjoy time to relax.

The Six of Coins refers to the gift that is being given and in this case, it is the Financial Stimulus. This reading shows the importance of using your stimulus wisely, exercising self-control, and discipline, and using the money to bring your life into balance.

You can get information about your stimulus check directly from the I.R.S. here: I.R.S. Get My Payment

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