Daily Tarot Reading March 16: Queen of Coins, Seven of Coins, Four of Swords — More Stimulus News

This is a general reading. Please contact me to schedule a personalized reading specifically targeted to address your situation in-depth.

I drew three cards for you today — the Queen of Coins, Seven of Coins, and Four of Swords. This reading includes two coin cards along with a sword card. The readings over the past several days continue to feature cards from these suits and it isn’t hard to understand why. With the pandemic underway and the new stimulus arriving in people’s bank accounts, money is on most people’s minds (more so than it normally is). Yesterday’s Daily Tarot reading featured The Chariot, Two of Coins, and Six of Coins. Spirit is speaking on this topic right now and those who listen are wise.

The Queen of Coins brings positive energy to this reading. The Queen of Coins has a big heart, is warm, nurturing, and generous. When we see this card in our daily general tarot readings, it is often because we are being asked to present this energy in our lives. This card combines with the Seven of Coins and speaks about financial blessings. The Seven of Coins speaks about rewards but also directional change. The combination also speaks to the feeling that you want to help others financially. Over the past several days, the cards have spoken repeatedly about the importance of using wisdom, discernment, and self-control with the stimulus money. If you are not accustomed to having a large amount of money at once, and if you have a large household with children and have been living at the poverty level (or near poverty level) please, heed this warning. Put this money to good use but don’t blow through it. You can use this money wisely that can bring a permanent blessing to your household, but you need to be wise and practical.

The Four of Swords speaks about resting, healing, and taking time for yourself. Again, this reading is about the pandemic and stimulus and speaks to those who have been experiencing financial stress, burdens, and trials. You are about to come to a period where you not only rest and heal, but if you look within and listen carefully, you will be able to make a life change that will bring more blessings your way.

This is a positive reading and by drawing on the power of the Queen of Pentacles, you will find brighter days ahead as your journey becomes lightened.

Have you considered how you will use your stimulus? Are you thinking about using the money to launch a new career, move, or make a major life change? If so, contact me today for an in-depth reading about your particular circumstance.

God bless you!

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