Daily Tarot Reading March 19: Judgment, The Empress, And Death — A Message For Those Whose Mothers Are Passing Away

This is a general reading. Please contact me to schedule a personalized reading specifically targeted to address your situation in-depth.

I drew three cards for you today: Judgment, The Empress, and Death. The draw extends yesterday’s reading that comprised The Emperor, the Three of Staffs, and the Six of Cups. Because yesterday’s reading referred to fathers and their children, today’s reading speaks of mothers. Yesterday’s message was about forgiving fathers for their transgressions but today’s message is different. It is not speaking about forgiveness. Many people fear the Death card as they automatically believe it refers to death. Though the card can be interpreted to mean change, it is my belief in interpreting this reading, that the card is actually speaking about death. It is my interpretation because the Death card is paired with the Judgment card. This message is a warning to many that their mothers’ lives on this plane are coming to an end and it is time to prepare yourself for that transition.

It is true that the death and judgment tarot cards can refer to change, or the ending of one situation and the beginning of another, but in this reading, it is about physical death.

There are many of you who are living your lives as if tomorrow is guaranteed when it is not promised to any of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many to realize just how quickly life can end, and many have faced the loss of loved ones and friends. This reading is a reminder to treat every day as the precious gift that it is and to especially honor your mother and make necessary preparations (emotional and practical) for her passing.

Death is a hard transition, and it is difficult to let go of those who are close to us and pass away. Our loved ones never truly leave us, and for those who are dealing with the death of their mothers, this can be particularly hard. Please know that your mother is still looking out for you and that her love continues to surround and bless you.

If you are dealing with the loss of your mother, please contact me today. I have a special word just for you.

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