Daily Tarot Reading March 20: Knight of Staffs, Seven of Cups, The Devil — A Message For Those Falling In Love

This is a general reading. Please contact me to schedule a personalized reading specifically targeted to address your situation in-depth.

I drew three cards for you today — the Knight of Staffs, the Seven of Cups, and the Devil. This message is for those who have either just started a relationship or are entering a new relationship. Though the imagery depicts a male figure, this reading applies to heterosexual, male/female relationships, male/male and female/female same-sex relationships if you are entering a relationship with someone who has dark hair, is slightly older than you, and whom you feel you are falling head over heels for, quickly, then this reading is for you. The key impression in this reading is that you are QUICKLY being swept off your feet by this person.

This reading is not for those in committed relationships or those who are married. It is a warning for those who are quickly being swept off their feet by a person who presents male energy (it could be a woman in a same-sex relationship) but this relationship is NEW.

This may even apply for those who are being swept up in an online relationship and you are falling for this person fast. You even feel that you have “found the one” or that this person is the answer to everything you have ever wished for in a partner. STOP!

Slow down!


This person is not the fulfillment of your dreams and is not the one for you! This warning goes out to let you know that this relationship is purely based on flesh, lust, desire, and will ultimately result in bondage.

Now, let’s take a look at the person who has entered your life who is the Knight of Staffs. This person has dark hair, it may be slightly curly. The person is slightly older than you and ranges in age between mid-20s to late 30s. You may be attracted to this person’s sense of passion and adventurous spirit. On the surface, it seems as if they have it all together and are bringing great qualities to the relationship. The problem is that it is all on the surface. If you dig deeper, you will find that this person is superficial, not what they appear, and their passion quickly turns into anger and a hot temper.

The qualities that you find attractive actually mask their character flaws!

You have wished for a partner for what seems like forever (it really hasn’t been that long) and you are being deceived by appearances. This person appears to be the fulfilment of your dreams, but in reality the relationship will be a nightmare. You have fantasized about this person so much that you are no longer seeing them for who they truly are and are only seeing the image that you created.

This is the first step of bondage that will lead you down a dark path that you need to avoid completely.

Many times people ask for a reading because they have a certain person in mind. They want to know if they will be together with a person forever, or if that person ‘loves’ them, but they don’t want to specifically ask if that person is their highest will or who God has planned for them.

This is the situation you are in. You are being wooed by this person who is more a figment of your imagination than the person you should be with.

You are slowly blinding yourself to the truth and if you continue down this path, you will find yourself chained to a relationship and person you never should have been with in the first place.

If this reading resonates with you and you would like further insight into your specific situation, please contact me. I’m ready to assist you in this manner.

God bless you.

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