Daily Tarot Reading March 21: Eight of Swords, Queen of Staffs, Temperance — A Word About Your Health

This is a general reading. Please contact me to schedule a personalized reading specifically targeted to address your situation in-depth.

I drew three cards for you today. They are the Eight of Swords, Queen of Staffs, and Temperance. This reading is about your health and addresses your health fears and concerns. It also focuses on the steps you must take to see your health improve. The Eight of Swords represents the worry you have over your health. In the picture that you may see below, there is a man kneeling down with his hands behind his back. The person is beat down and eight swords are affixed in the ground in front of him. It appears there is no way out and the man can’t see beyond the swords to reach the path ahead. The Eight of Swords represent confusion, feeling bound, being limited in your circumstances, and feeling trapped. Though the imagery of the Eight of Swords is quite depressing and it looks as if you are trapped, you do have options. The Eight of Swords doesn’t mean you are destined to be in a trapped or limited situation but is a warning that it is time to use your power and change the situation.

This is a health reading and shows that you feel trapped in a situation regarding your health. You may have received a troubling diagnosis from your doctor or are concerned about your own health, but haven’t received a professional opinion yet. Though you may be in for a bit of a journey with your health, you can make positive changes that will prove beneficial in the long run.

The next part of this reading addresses the character traits you must possess in order to see your health improve. The Queen of Staffs is charming, beautiful, full of life, and energetic. Though you may not feel full of life and energetic, you need to embrace these characteristics to see your health change for the better. Treat yourself like royalty and stay positive. Renew your passion and vigor for life and you will see your energy increase. The Queen of Staffs works in conjunction with the next card — Temperance.

As the Queen of Staffs asks you to renew your energy and vigor for life, Temperance asks you not to go overboard. Treat yourself like royalty, but don’t sit back and overindulge like a lazy king or queen. Your health will improve primarily by taking a moderate approach to life. The Temperance card asks you to live a life of balance, harmony, and avoid excess in all areas — not just food. You may feel limited and bound by your circumstances, but the way out is easier than you think.

Don’t think about the things you have to give up, just focus on enjoying the things you love only do so in moderation. Live your life with energy and passion, but in moderation and you will find freedom from the things that bind you and are ultimately causing your health issues.

If you feel this reading resonates with you, or if you have an unspecified health issue that you would like further insight into, please contact me. Tarot is a powerful ally especially when it comes to health.

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