Daily Tarot Reading March 22: Seven of Coins, Knight of Coins, Six of Cups — Blessed to Be a Blessing

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I drew three cards for you today — Seven of Coins, Knight of Coins, and Six of Cups. Today’s reading may easily be summed up in the phrase: ‘blessed to be a blessing.’ There are two coin cards in this reading combined with the Six of Cups. Coins often refer to money but the suit can refer to other areas as well. The Seven of Coins represents reward, blessing, and sometimes taking a new direction in life. As the card is paired with the Knight of Coins and the Six of Cups, this reading is about materialistic blessings — quite simply – money. However; the message applies to any area or situation where you are blessed and can be a blessing to others.

If you look at the tarot cards depicted below, you will see that in the Seven of Coins tarot card, a man is carrying seven coins on his shoulders. He has so many blessings; it is hard for him to contain them all. It’s almost a balancing act to keep all of his rewards on his shoulders and he’s bending under the weight of it all. The Seven of Coins works with the next card — the Knight of Coins.

Looking at the Knight of Coins card, you may notice that the man is holding armor in one hand while holding a single coin in the other. If you carefully look to the side of the card, you’ll see a hand reaching out as if asking for the coin and it appears the Knight is able to give it. As the Seven of Coins shows us, the man has received so many blessings he can barely contain them; the Knight shows the man giving a coin to the hand of someone in need. It’s important to note the Knight of Coins isn’t giving away all of his blessings extravagantly but is being prudent. He is giving some of his blessings to those in need, but not to his own hurt. There is prudence in his generosity and that doesn’t take away from his compassionate spirit. It is possible to give too much in life and there must always be a balance between what you give and what you receive. Generosity doesn’t mean becoming a footstool for someone to walk over.

The symbolism in the Knight of Coins works in harmony with the next card — Six of Cups. If you look at the Six of Cups, you will see a man holding one cup close to his chest as he walks away from a man sitting on the ground with the sun rising in the background. Five cups are standing between the man who is seated and the one walking away. The six of cups refers to good-will, innocence, and a child-like spirit. In some readings, such as our March 18 reading, the Six of Cups referred to children. In this reading, the Six of Cups refers to blessings and rewards.

The man generously gave one coin to someone in need and was rewarded for his generosity and kindness. The generous act of the man resulted in two blessings. Not only did he help the person who is sitting on the ground, but he also received a cup of blessing that he holds close to his heart. As the man continued along his path, he has the knowledge that his charitable act has blessed someone else and because of that, he too is blessed.

This reading goes beyond the statement: ‘It is better to give than to receive’ as it shows that those who bless others, will also be blessed.

Look for areas in your life where you have been richly rewarded and find a way to pass a blessing to someone else. You will find that your act of kindness will reward you in ways you didn’t imagine.

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