Daily Tarot Reading March 25: Two of Coins, Two of Swords, Six of Staffs — Open Your Heart

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I drew three cards for you today. They are the Two of Coins, the Two of Swords, and the Six of Staffs. Today’s message continues yesterday’s word about cutting off love through defensive actions. Today’s message is about trying to maintain balance by refusing to recognize the truth. Let’s begin.

There are two “twos” in this reading and that is extremely significant. The number two signifies balance and in this reading, we have the Two of Coins and the Two of Swords. The Two of Coins is a card that speaks about balance and harmony. If you study the picture below, you will see the man is on one bended knee and is juggling two coins in the air. He is skilled at the task and you know those coins will not fall. He has everything in balance and is kneeling on two intersected loops that make up the infinity sign. This person has a good attitude and can handle whatever comes their way. If you look behind the man, there is a boat on an ocean with significant waves. No matter what comes this person’s way, they will deal with it — in a positive manner. They can handle the rocky waves as much as the smooth sailing and will not fail. Now, look at the next card — the Two of Swords.

The Two of Swords is speaking about the first card, and this person’s attempt to live in harmony and balance. Though this person has a good handle on everything that comes their way, they are doing so at their own peril. The Two of Swords shows a woman who is covering her eyes while her swords are crossed. She is defensive and ready for a fight, but she isn’t going to look at the problem directly and wants to avoid the truth. If you notice in the background, the water is smooth, less rocky and without waves. This woman doesn’t want to “start a fight” so she is simply closing her eyes to the truth of the situation to keep things in balance. She is defensive and is trying to protect her heart, but by doing so, she has closed it off.

She wants to keep the relationship or situation in harmony and by doing so, has closed off her heart and her true emotions. Unfortunately, this tactic may serve a limited function at keeping things appearing peaceful, but it is a false peace and one that comes at her own expense and happiness. In her quest for balance and peace, she is closing herself off to her own heart and ultimately will not experience true happiness. This will ultimately chip away at her own self-esteem as she is not living an authentic, genuine life.

In order to gain true happiness, she must open her eyes to the truth, and open her heart. The cards are saying for you to stop closing yourself off to your true feelings and emotions. This reading asks you to examine your heart and see what it is you are closing yourself off to, or unwilling to look at in order to maintain the peace. Though you may believe you are keeping things in balance, you are doing so at your own peril.

The next card is the Six of Staffs and it represents victory, triumph, and self-esteem. In the previous card, the figure refused to face the truth and by doing so, was lying to herself in order to maintain peace. By recognizing the truth and facing it head-on, whatever the outcome, the person found their triumph and reclaimed their self-esteem. Only then did they become triumphant and truly victorious.

There is a situation in your life that you are refusing to look at because you think by doing so you will ‘stir the pot.’ Don’t be afraid. Tackle the situation head-on and face it directly. Only then will you truly be victorious.

God bless you.

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