Daily Tarot Reading March 26: The Hierophant, The Devil, Eight of Coins — A Message For Students

This is a general reading. Please contact me to schedule a personalized reading specifically targeted to address your situation in-depth.

I drew three cards for you today — they are the Hierophant, the Devil, and the Eight of Coins. This message is for students and those who are in a process of learning. Both the Hierophant and the Devil are major arcana cards and they hold the most weight in this reading. Additionally, the Hierophant and Eight of Coins refer to learning a new skill or task. This reading is to tell you that as you pursue this new goal of learning, you must beware of closing yourself off to the truth.

Learning is enlightenment and regardless the subject you are undertaking, you must open yourself up to knowledge and wisdom. The devil is coming in to the situation to prevent your from learning and being successful in your mission.

Believe in yourself even if others try to put you down. Empower yourself with self-confidence and continue to work hard until you achieve your goal. Only then will you be successful and see your dreams come to pass.

God bless you.

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