Daily Tarot Reading March 31: The Sun, Ten of Swords, Six of Staffs — Victory Is on the Way!

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I drew three cards for you today. They are the Sun, the Ten of Swords, and the Six of Staffs. In this reading, the Sun and the Six of Staffs work together and the Ten of Swords speaks about a difficulty you are currently experiencing. This reading is about beginning in a good place and then encountering a sudden change or attack that brings you to rock bottom and then becoming victorious again.

The Sun is a Major Arcana card and sets the energy for the reading. The Sun speaks about being in a great place, or a prominent position where you are happy and full of light, warmth, and loving energy. The Sun is radiant and when you see this card; you are often in a place where you are radiating joy and happiness. For this reading, the Sun is in the past position and speaks about a time where you felt on top of the world, radiant, dazzling, and full of enlightenment.

The Ten of Swords is in the present position and speaks about bottoming out or feeling like a victim. The radiance of the sun is gone having been overshadowed by a situation that has left you in a dark, dreary place. This card often appears when someone has attacked you in some way, shape, or form. If you look at the picture below, you will see there is a man with 10 swords in his back. This card literally expresses the sentiment of being stabbed in the back by those whom you love and trust. It can speak about betrayal or any situation where you feel like a victim.

You are currently in a place where you are suffering from some perceived attack that has left you feeling like a victim. This attack was cruel, unfair, and is robbing you of your joy. This reading is to let you know that even though you are in a dark place right now, the sun will shine again. This is depicted in the future card — Six of Staffs.

The Six of Staffs reinforces the Sun card as it talks about being victorious, reaching new heights, and is the epitome of ‘having your day in the sun.’ It is the fulfillment of the first card and shows that though you are in a dark period, it is temporary and there are brighter, sunnier days ahead. Whatever impact you’ve suffered from the attack will soon be gone and you will be vindicated. This may indicate your name being cleared, people recognizing that you were innocent of wrongdoing, or simply overcoming obstacles that were holding you back. Whatever blocked your success and left you in a dark place will no longer have a hold on you.

Stay strong, persevere, and never give up. There are brighter days ahead and you will come through this experience victoriously!

God bless you!

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