Daily Tarot September 11: Three of Cups

Today is September 11, 2021, and I drew one card for you today. It is the Three of Cups and speaks about community, friendship, and building healthy relationships that are rooted in love. Cups are the emotional suit and though the Three of Cups is similar to the Three of Pentacles, as both involve teamwork, Three of Cups adds an emotional aspect to the scenario.

With the Three of Pentacles, you would see three people working together, such as in a business setting. The Three of Cups is deeper than business relationships and the card often means there is a strong foundation for building lasting friendships and partnerships. The Three of Cups exudes positive energy and the card may symbolize that its time to focus on community-based projects and tasks.

When the Three of Cups shows up in a reading, it can signify that it’s time to stop focusing attention on yourself and become more group oriented. You may find that it is a good time to assess your close friendships and relationships and ensure you are doing all you can to be a supportive member of the team.

Today, use the energy associated with the Three of Cups to focus less on yourself and more on your groups and friendships. We are not meant to journey through life alone and though there is importance in having intimate, sexual relationships, there is also great joy to be derived from having close bonds with friends. Don’t sacrifice friendships for the sake of love — you may have both.


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