Daily Tarot September 12: The Tower

Today is September 12, 2021, and I drew one card for you today: the Tower. The Tower is number 16 in the Major Arcana deck and it often evokes negative feelings in those who find it in their readings. The Tower is associated with chaos, sudden change, turmoil, upheaval, and revelation.

Change is a part of life and most times we experience gradual change that we can easily prepare for. When the Tower’s energy is present, change comes suddenly, swiftly, and is often experienced as a crash. This change can be from an external source, a revelation about a personal situation (think suddenly discovering your partner is being unfaithful) or the collapse of a mental belief, or a crush to the ego. Whatever situation the Tower represents, the result is often the same: a sudden, swift, and uncomfortable change at best. At worst, it may be a life-altering moment of loss and devastation.

Many tarot decks use similar imagery for the Tower card that may include scenes of two people falling from the Tower’s great height as they plummet to the ground. The Tower is often struck by lightning, signifying a sudden event that essentially rocks the tower causing the people to experience sudden chaos and lose their footing in life. The secured, lofty place they once occupied is suddenly crumbling to the ground leaving the person in extreme peril.

It’s important to read the cards surrounding the Tower to determine the full brunt of the crisis, but today’s message is clear, especially following yesterday’s reading. I expected to pull the Tower card yesterday due to it being the twentieth memorial of the 9/11 terror attacks. Instead, I drew the Three of Cups and the message was about hope, love, friendships, and strengthening communal bonds. I was surprised when I didn’t pull the Tower yesterday, but not surprised when it appeared today.

I believe that today’s message serves as a warning that we must remain vigilant about the threat of sudden catastrophes. Again, when I pull a single card for the daily tarot reading, I ask on behalf of the collective whole and those who will hear this message. Catastrophes will come…they may appear in the form of personal betrayals, loss, sickness, poverty, pandemics, death, floods, storms, hurricanes, fire, terrorist attacks or acts of war. How we respond to these “Tower” events in our lives will determine how we continue on for those we have loved and lost.

We cannot adequately prepare for these Tower moments because they often come unexpectedly and bring life-altering changes. The landscape of our lives may suddenly be reshaped into something new. We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones, those we have lost, and those who have yet to come to fight for those values we hold dear in life. When the Tower throws us to the ground, we must use our resolve to get back up and rebuild stronger than we were before.

It takes time. It isn’t easy. But we can’t lose our resolve. We can’t lose our vision. We can’t lose focus of what’s important. We are survivors and we are strong. We are empowered to succeed and with strength, determination, and perseverance, we will arise triumphant.

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