Daily Tarot September 13: The Star

Today is September 13, 2021, and I drew a card for you. The card is the Star that is number 17 in the Major Arcana deck. The card follows the Devil and the Tower that speak of addictions, darkness, bondages, and sudden calamity. After these trials and difficult experiences, the Star appears as a point of hope, brightness, and illumination. In the Major Arcana deck, the Star is followed by the Moon and the Sun. Where the Sun is full illumination that speaks of joy and happiness, the star is the light that shines in the darkness, pointing the way to the sun.

The Star is best interpreted as a point of hope or inspiration and not the full radiance of the sun one can relax and bask in. When we are leaving dark periods of life, the Star is the guiding light leading us out and into brighter days. When the Star appears in readings, it is important to look at its position (past, present, future) and the cards surrounding it. For this reading, I asked what energy did we (as a collective whole) need to emulate today. I am not surprised that I drew the Star following yesterday’s reading of the Tower.

As the Tower shows us at rock bottom, the Star serves as a guiding light that says: ‘Yes, you may be down but cast your gaze upwards. Look above your situation and towards the heavens. Hope is not lost. Lift your eyes and focus on the light the Universe is sending you right now. Find your inner strength and let it match the radiance you see illuminating from the heavens. Now, get up. Keep your eyes focused on the light. Yes, it isn’t as bright as you might like, but if you walk in this light, you will find your way out. You are not in complete darkness as there is light shining on your path. Follow that light and stay true to the course set before you and I promise, you will come out of the night and into the bright glow of a new day.’

The Star is our guiding light that takes us out of darkness and into the dawn of a new day, but it is our choice (by an act of our will) to get up, get out, and continue our journey…no matter what we’ve been through.

If you have experienced deep darkness do not give up hope. Get up, and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and then open them you, may need to take a minute or two for them to adjust to your surroundings, but once they do, you will notice a dim light shining from above. Let that light illuminate your path for it is your way out.

You can stay in darkness, stuck, frozen and in fear, or you can walk the path before you. If you choose to walk, I promise you, before you know it, the darkness will become a distant memory as you bask in the glow of brighter days.

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