Daily Tarot September 14: Five of Wands

Today is September 14, 2021, and I drew one card for you. It is the Five of Wands and it speaks about arguments, fighting, difficulties, and hassles. The Five of Wands shows up when there are disagreements, disharmony, and the feeling that things simply aren’t working out the way that you hoped or planned. Because the Five of Wands is a Minor Arcana card, it doesn’t refer to life-altering situations such as the Tower represents, but it does refer to situations that will cause minor issues in your day-to-day life. There are 78 cards in a standard tarot card deck. Of those cards, 22 are considered Major Arcana and 56 are part of the Minor Arcana deck. The Major Arcana cards refer to life-changing situations and the Minor Arcana cards refer to situations that involve your everyday or day-to-day life.

I drew the Five of Wands for the collective whole and this message doesn’t pertain to situations that are life altering, but smaller difficulties that you may be experiencing. It could be hassles with co-workers, or situations where you are fighting with others. When the Five of Wands shows up in your reading, it’s important to look at the surrounding cards. If doing a three card reading (past, present, and future) the position of the Five of Wands will hold significance for the reading’s interpretation.

Pay attention if the Five of Wands is accompanied by any Major Arcana cards as well. For this reading, I asked what situation is today’s greatest challenge and the answer was the Five of Wands.

You may be required to give more patience than you’re used to. If people are trying your nerves and causing problems, hold off on the temptation to give in and fight. Instead, stay calm, be patient, and continue going about your business. Take several deep breaths and know that it is not your job to fix everything…especially other people.

Things may not work as smoothly as you’d like but remain calm, breathe, and you’ll get through it. Other people may be jealous of your success and try to cause you problems, but these are just minor irritations. Breathe deeply, meditate, and focus on your task at hand. Do what you can to foster an environment of harmony, but don’t let others’ strife rob you of your peace. This is just a small hiccup on your journey and not a significant, life changing issue. Keep your focus and stay true to your own path and you will succeed.

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