Daily Tarot September 18: Ten of Cups

Hello. I drew one tarot card for you today. It is from the Minor Arcana and is the Ten of Cups. Each Minor Arcana card runs from Ace to 10 followed by four court or royalty cards (typically page, knight, queen, and king). Just as the Major Arcana shows the life path from the Fool to the World, the Minor Arcana shows a journey from the Aces (beginnings) to tens (completion). The suit of cups represents emotions and love. The Ace of Cups shows the beginning of emotional connections (this could be family, love, even a pregnancy) and the Ten of Cups shows the completion.

When the Ten of Cups appears in a reading, it speaks about happiness, fulfillment, love, joy, peace, and harmony. This is in the family unit and the card has a feeling such as “count your blessings” as it shows that you are in a period of peace and joy. For this reading, I asked what energy do we need to embody? As the card is the Ten of Cups, it shows us it is time to maintain peace, love, joy, and harmony within the family unit and then relax and bask in the glow of that love.

If you are experiencing trouble in your family life, take extra steps to maintain peace. Promote an atmosphere of harmony, love, peace, and joy. Then sit back and count your blessings as you are entering a period of abundance.


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