Daily Tarot September 4, 2021: Three of Swords

It’s September 4, 2021, and I drew a single tarot card pull for the day. The card is the Three of Swords that speaks about heartbreak, disappointment, and sometimes experiencing loneliness or betrayal. It’s important to realize that many times we experience heartbreak, loneliness, despair, and even betrayal, because we have put our hopes in people and events that fail to meet our expectations.

Life is full of hurts and there’s no question that people can be the cause of emotional pain, despair, and stress. Many times the hurt we experience is based upon our own faulty expectations and perceptions.

It’s important to ensure that you have realistic expectations in life (whether it is in relationships, career, or simply things that you are setting your intentions for) so that you can avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

Keeping realistic expectations in life can help ease the pain of sudden betrayal and heartbreak. Often, people become bitter after experiencing rejection or betrayal and some take that bitterness and act upon it.

To heal from sudden betrayals that the three of swords often represent takes time, but it is more than possible. Keep your heart soft, and go through the natural grieving process. When keeping realistic expectations, extend those to whomever your feel betrayed you. Forgive them for not meeting your expectations and then release them. Maybe they lied to you, cheated on you, or betrayed your confidence. Whatever the circumstance, forgive them for letting you down and not being the person you needed them to be. Forgive yourself for trusting someone who didn’t deserve it. Then learn from the situation, let it go, and move on.

Time heals all wounds, and the pain that you feel from this situation will pass. The key is not to become jaded or let those swords that have pierced your heart cause it to become hard.

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