Daily Tarot September 5: The Lovers

Good morning! Today is Sunday, September 5, 2021, in the United States and I pulled one card for our daily tarot reading. The card that I pulled is the Lovers. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular tarot cards in the deck of 78 Major and Minor Arcana cards. As love readings are usually the most requested form of divination, it comes as no surprise that the Lovers card is highly sought after. Though the Lovers card may refer to sexuality, romance, intimate love, and twin flames, it can also mean that other relationships are moving forward in a smooth and positive direction.

If someone wanted to embark on a new business deal with another person and I drew the Lovers card, it would signify that the business relationship would be a positive one that is based on mutual trust and respect, though it wouldn’t be romantic or sexual in nature.

The Lovers card is a significant reminder that though we journey through this life alone and transition from this realm to the spiritual alone, we are not meant to live isolated, lonely lives.

Yes, there are times in our journey where we will need to embody the characteristics of the Hermit card. We may need to isolate ourselves for a short period where we focus our attention inwards. However; we are meant to enjoy our lives and share ourselves with others.

In yesterday’s reading, I drew the Three of Swords that spoke about the pain that comes from betrayal, deception, and suffering a broken heart. The message was that no matter how many times your heart has been broken, you can not let it become hard. Today’s message reminds us that we must be open to the riches this world affords us and while many focus on material riches, the greatest blessings in life are the emotional connections we make with others.

In the Lovers’ card, an angel is pronouncing a blessing over a couple. It is believed that the angel is the Archangel Gabriel who is blessing the union of the man and woman.

In today’s world, unions of love are blessed and the Lovers’ tarot card represents same sex unions as well as heterosexual ones. The message is clear. The gift of love is from God and is a union blessed and overseen by the Romance angels.

The lovers are naked as they are open, honest, and vulnerable with each other. One of the most difficult tasks for many to accomplish is to trust another person, especially with their heart.

There is no guarantee that the lovers depicted in this card will have their “happily-ever-after” but they were blessed with everything they needed in order to achieve it.

Don’t let past hurts harden your heart and stop you from enjoying and receiving love. It is a gift from God. Don’t throw it away.

God bless you and read the tarot.


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