Daily Tarot September 6: Page of Swords

Today is Monday, September 6, 2021, and it is Labor Day. For today’s daily one-card tarot pull, I drew the Page of Swords. The Page of Swords refers to learning something new in your life. Pages are associated with learning, and the suit of swords has to do with air, intellect, and the power of the mind. Swords also represents obstacles and challenges.

When we see the Page of Swords in a reading, we need to look at the question the querent is asking and see which meaning applies best to the situation and in accordance with the other cards that are present.

For today’s reading, I asked a simple question: ‘What energy should we embody today?’ My question was a collective one and not geared to any specific person or situation. It was addressed for the collective whole of everyone who may hear this message.

The Page of Swords shows us that we are to embody the best traits of our intellectual reasoning and use the power of our minds to solve obstacles and challenges. When we see the Page of Swords, we are reminded to use the best attributes of our mind such as truth, justice, loyalty, integrity, strenght, and fortitude in order to solve problems and obstacles in our lives.

As the Page of Swords is a novice (so to speak) this card also appears when you are at the beginning stages of problem solving. You may be developing a plan to challenge an obstacle and the Page of Swords says that it isn’t enough just to have good intentions, but that you have to make a plan and put that plan into action.

Whatever challenges you face today, don’t despair. You have all of the tools needed to overcome your situation ready at your disposal. Harness the power of the Page of Swords and use truth, integrity, justice, and reason to work for you. By developing a plan, sticking to it, and not giving up, you will be triumphant.

God bless you and read the tarot.


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