Daily Tarot September 8: Temperance

It is September 8, 2021, and I drew one card for you today: Temperance. Temperance is number 14 in the Major Arcana deck and the card represents many things including balance, harmony, moderation, and self-control. Temperance is a powerful quality that is often a rare trait in today’s society. People who exude temperance seem to have a peaceful air or quality about them. They know that it’s best to live a life of moderation and avoiding extremes. Temperance can refer to several situations or qualities during a reading. It’s always important to look at the surrounding cards to determine the best meaning during your personal reading.

Temperance can refer to situations where someone needs to practice qualities such as self-control, moderation, or bringing harmony into focus. The card can also show up when there is a situation that needs to be brought into peace or alignment. It may also appear if someone has been struggling with sickness or health issues as a sign that recover is underway.

For this reading, the temperance card encourages you to find situations where you can be a voice of peace, balance, and healing. If you have been living a life that is full of excess, it’s time to bring self-control to the situation and use moderation.

The imagery in the temperance card symbolizes two elements that cause destruction when left unbalanced and unchecked: fire and water. In the Temperance card, a figure (usually a woman or angel) pours both fire and water balancing or tempering each. By mixing the two together, their elements combine and aren’t just neutralized, but work together in a positive manner instead of a destructive one.

When you draw the Temperance, Major Arcana card, it may be telling you that it’s time to cool things off, calm your temper down, and strive to neutralize negative and destructive emotions.

Just as fire turns water to steam, and water puts fire’s blazes out, there are times in life when we must channel our own yin and yang energy with temperance, self-control, and moderation.

Only then will we experience inner peace and not be left at the mercy of the extreme elements of the destructive forces that lie within.

© Tarot Reader Charisse Van Horn


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