Daily Tarot September 9: The Emperor

Good morning! Today is September 9, 2021, and I drew one card for our daily tarot reading. It is the Emperor which is number four in the Major Arcana. The Emperor card often depicts a male figure seated on a throne and is a sign of power and authority. The card represents many archetypes including fathers, governments, law and legal issues, judges, presidents, heads of government, or situations that stem from order, rules, and regulation.

The Emperor card may appear if you are in a situation that would benefit from order and structure. It could represent a person in your life who holds a position of authority. For our reading today, I asked what energy do we need to manifest. Due to that question, I believe the Emperor is telling us to bring order to chaotic situations in our lives.

Where the Empress card speaks of abundant maternal energy, the Emperor is full of paternal energy that brings rules, order, and direction to the family structure. The Emperor card may appear in a reading when you need more order or structure in your life.

Many people shy away from order and structure. The Emperor card is often depicted as a stern, looming figure that towers over a city or kingdom. In the same manner, people often fear authority and the constraints that are inherently within.

Order, structure, rules, and regulation aren’t to be feared or shunned and have their rightful place in society. Though there is always the possibility that governing authorities can become oppressive, when they are monitored with checks and balances, they serve to benefit all.

No matter what situation you are facing, don’t be afraid to bring more order and structure to your life. Not all rules are meant to be broken. Know when it is time to stand up to oppression and when it’s time to submit to authority. Likewise, we must know when to temper our own quest for freedom with order, regulation, and self-control. The power is yours — wield it wisely.


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