Faerie Reading on International Fairy Day (Message, Videos)

June 24th is International Fairy Day and we started the early morning with a reading and draw from the Faeirie Oracle Deck. Bryan Froud created the art and Jessica Macbeth wrote the text of this gorgeous, mystical, and magical oracle deck. During the reading, I drew the card number 37, Tobaira of the Waters. You may see a picture of the Faeries Oracle box set followed by card 37 below.

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Tobaira of the Waters

Tobaira’s message is one of emotional healing. The fae stir and guard healing waters and today’s message is about emotions, serenity, and meditation. It is a caution for us not to let our emotions get wildly out of control as this not only brings illness to the mind, but also to the body. Tobaira and the healing fae are ready to help us bring about positive change, but we must first be willing to take control over our emotions and begin the work ourselves.

You may see today’s full faerie reading below.

Check out the video below to learn a bit more about the Celtic mythology behind fairies.

The BBC has a 45-minute program available online to listen to that discusses the origins of fairies in myths and legends. You may listen to that here: In Our Time: Fairies

There is a 520-page book by Katharine Briggs titled “An Encyclopedia of Fairies: Hobgoblins, Brownies, Bogies, and Other Supernatural Creatures” available to borrow on Archive.org.

You may read “The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Counties” online at Sacred Texts.com.

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