Free Tarot and Sacred Geometry Oracle Readings with Rumi Deck

On December 29, 2021, I streamed live for free tarot, sacred geometry, and Rumi oracle readings. The stream was well and I throughly enjoyed the Rumi oracle deck. The cards are beautiful and the messages are very deep and loving.

There were plenty of questions in the chat box including many who wanted insight on their love lives.

A wonderful thing happened during the live stream. In mediumship, there is something called “economy of spirit” where the medium is being used by multiple spirit guides to address multiple situations at the same time. During this reading, there were more than three women who entered the stream all facing situations where their husbands had left them and were living in other countries!

The energy for healing and restoration in these women’s lives was so strong that I stopped taking donations as I didn’t want to break the flow and begin a different reading with different energy. What touched me during this reading was how strong the women were and how quickly they began to comfort, encourage, and show support to one another.

It will go down as one of my favorite live streams of all time and I am thankful to spirit that I could be of some use to these women who didn’t deserve to have their hearts in so much pain.

I pray healing and restoration for all who have been broken hearted, trusted someone to love them, and wound up rejected, grief stricken, and in pain. I lift up all children who were born into the world expecting to have the love, support, guidance, and affection of two giving parents and grew to learn that they were on their own.

May you never give your power over to someone else and fail to remember that you are divine. You are a co-creator with Source and have the power to put your will into motion and create the life that you want and deserve.

You may watch the live stream as it occurred in the video below. Please note that if you watch on YouTube, you will see the accompanying live chat as it took place during the broadcast.

God bless you and read the tarot.

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