Free Tarot Readings (Donations Get Preference) Sacred Geometry Activations #DailyTarot


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💵 Cash App:$readthetarot
💵 PayPal: 18+ 🤭🍆💋 for Sexy Tarot (69 Readings) 💵Free List: One Yes or No Question 💵$1.99 to SKIP THE LINE
💵Pendulum Yes or No Questions $2.00
💵Three Card Reading $3.33
💵Love Readings $4.44
💵One In-depth Question $5.55 💵One 69 Question (Sexy Reading) $6.69 💵Angel Reading $7.77 💵Goddess or Ancestor Readings $8.88
💵Mermaid, Animals, Fairy, or Unicorn Readings $9.99
💵Unlimited Questions 10 minutes $10.00 (pendulum, tarot or sexy tarot readings) Private Phone Readings Available 💵$25.00 for 30 minutes by phone 727-380-0388
💵$50.00 for 60 minutes by phone 727-380-0388
💵$15 DM, Email, or Text readings (email Welcome to today’s free tarot reading. PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE READING. ALL DONATIONS ARE HONORED AND WILL BE GIVEN A READING. God bless you and read the tarot. Please like, subscribe, follow, and get my notifications so you will know when I am live. Call me at 1-727-380-0388 You may donate at CashApp: $readthetarot or on PayPal at »——————⋆◦★◦⋆——————«»——————⋆◦★◦⋆——————«»——————⋆◦★◦⋆——————«
LEGAL DISCLAIMER Read the Tarot is an entertainment website that gives tarot readings for the public. Any decisions that you make regarding your life are yours and you handle them. Read the Tarot, Charisse Van Horn, is not responsible for your decisions, actions, life choices or interpretations based upon the tarot readings presented on this site. »——————⋆◦★◦⋆——————«»——————⋆◦★◦⋆——————«»——————⋆◦★◦⋆—���————«
»——————⋆◦★◦⋆——————«»——————⋆◦★◦⋆——————«»——————⋆◦★◦⋆——————« There are fake accounts who are pretending to be Read the Tarot on social media platforms. This is common when sites are growing and becoming popular. Additionally, there are scammers messaging those who come to my YouTube and Facebook streams, offering to give readings. Read the Tarot has not sanctioned ANYONE to offer readings via my official pages. Please avoid these fake accounts, scammers, and trolls. If anyone approaches you for money, do not hesitate to report them to the FTC or your state’s attorney general. Here is a list of official Read the Tarot accounts that I operate. ALL OTHERS ARE FAKE AND SCAMS! OFFICIAL READ THE TAROT SITES (these are safe, avoid those pretending to be me)

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