Free Tarot: The Emperor

I hope you are blessed and empowered to succeed today. Our free #tarot lesson today is from the Major Arcana and is the Emperor. The Emperor is an archetype that represents authority, structure, government, or even fathers. It is ruling energy and can show up in a reading if you need to bring more control to a situation in your life or even if you are dealing with someone who exhibits these traits. Though some find the Emperor a negative card, it isn't necesarily so. Though the Emperor and Empress are seen as "Father and Mother" cards, they are inherently opposite in nature. The Empress card speaks of free-flowing, abundance, love, grace, and healing and the Emperor is that strict, "put your foot down and here are the rules" type of energy. In some readings, the Emperor and Empress may show up together…as in one of my live readings where the querent asked a question about her fertility and choice of birth control methods. She wanted to ensure they would be effective. I drew the Emperor and Empress reversed which was a clear indication the "mother and father" energy was not flowing. For other readings, I have drawn the Emperor with cards such as the 8 of swords or the Devil to show that the energy associated with a woman's partner was controlling, stifling, and even manipulative. However, I've also drawn the Emperor with the Lovers to show that a family line was being established. Authority is necessary in our lives but it must remain balanced or it becomes oppressive. When you see the Emperor in your readings, ask yourself if something is being manipulated, tightly controlled, or oppressive. Look at the other cards, as the Emperor may be showing that you simply need to bring order and structure to your life or the situation. The Emperor is a highly powerful card and can warn us of unhealthy situations as well as encourage us to stop living an "off-the-cuff" impulsive lifestyle, and set some goals, make plans, and bring structure to our lives in order to reach our destiny. God bless you and read the tarot!

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