Goddess Full Moon Illuminating Reading

The Goddess Full Moon Illuminating reading is a strong tool that may be used each lunar cycle to gain deeper insight and wisdom. The lunar cycle begins with the new moon (waxing) and culminates with the waning moon. The full moon is the most powerful phase in the lunar cycle and is when you can call in the results from your previous moon magic rituals. Whether working on a project or developing an idea, the intentions you set with the lunar cycle’s new moon reach manifestation during the full moon.

The Goddess Full Moon Illuminating oracle reading is from Colette Baron-Reid’s Goddess Power oracle deck and reveals or illuminates various aspects of your life that need to come to your attention in order to achieve your highest good. This information is invaluable to access and you will find that you can use it to remove situations or blockages from your life during the waning moon. Additionally, you will gain insight that will help you set your intentions for the next lunar cycle.

Though you don’t need to wait until a full moon in order to perform this reading, you will find that it delivers excellent results when worked in your moon magic, lunar cycle, and performed at the time of the full moon.

You may see an actual, Goddess Full Moon Illuminating reading in the slideshow below, followed by a breakdown of the reading.

First, I set my intentions, shuffle the cards and then draw four. The cards are laid out in four positions with the first card placed on the left and the second card directly below. The third card is in the top right corner and the fourth card is directly below.

I use selenite crystals (among other crystals in my readings) as selenite crystals promote healing, are great for meditation, and are useful for connecting to higher frequencies. You may see a photo of the card positions below.

Full Moon Goddess Reading (Four Cards)

For this reading, the goddess Arianarhod is in the first position, Epona is in the second, Shakti is third, and Yhi is fourth. Both Epona and Yhi are reversed cards, meaning they have alignment messages rather than empowerment messages. Each goddess has her own message as follows: Arianrhod (time); Epona (wise leadership), Shakti (transformation), and Yhi (the sun). Each position represents a question in the reading. They are as follows.

  1. The first position answers the question: ‘What is the theme that needs to be illuminated for me to manifest my highest good?’
  2. The second position addresses the question: ‘What do I need to release in order to move forward?’
  3. The third position aks: ‘What lesson am I harvesting so I can now move through it to attract my highest good?’
  4. The fourth position ask: ‘What opportunites next await me?’

The first question asks what theme needs to be illuminated in order to manifest the querent’s (the person asking the question) highest good. In this reading, it is the Celtic goddess of time, Arianrhod, who has an empowerment message. Arianrhod is assuring the querent that they have all of the time needed to make their intentions and plans a reality.

Arianrhod is the Celtic goddess of time

The second question asks what needs to be released in order to move forward. Because the Epona goddess card is reversed, it shows that there is a need for an alignment task. In this reading, Epona works in alignment with Arianrhod as the reversed Epona card speaks about knowing when it is time to act and when it is time to step back and not do too much. There is a time and place for action and the reversed Epona card warns us to step back from doing too much or overreaching. As Arianrhod says there is time to work and make our dreams a reality, Epona warns us not to waste time on projects that aren’t realistic. We must know when to act and when to step back. We also must know which dreams to pursue and which ones to let go of.

Epona warns us not to overreach and tells us there is a time to step back

The third card asks what lesson is being harvested in order to move forward and attract the highest good. In this reading, the goddess Shakti is upright and the message is transformation. It is time to embrace the lessons that will transform you as you work for your highest good and manifest your destiny. Every step on your journey is for the purpose of transformation and your work will be rewarded. Transformation and work walk hand in hand and the goddess Shakti is blessing your journey.

Shakti is the divine feminine form of life-giving energy and the source of life

The fourth card addresses new opportunities that await the querent. In this reading, the goddess Yhi has an alignment message regarding her illuminating light that not only shines and heals but will reveal your shadow self. You cannot enjoy the bright light and warmth of the sun without facing the shadows too. Before you can walk in the sun’s bright light, you must be willing to face your fears.

Yhi is a sun goddess in Aboriginal belief systems

If you would like to schedule a Goddess Full Moon Illuminating reading, contact me today. They are only $22.00 and are perfect for the full moon or any time you are seeking illumination for your life.

God bless you and read the tarot.

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