June 24 Goddess Reading: Rhea Flow State (Meditation, Message)

On June 24, 2021, I held a Goddess reading on YouTube, using the lovely Goddess Power Oracle deck from Colette Baron-Reid. I drew a single Goddess card that activates that specific energy for 24 hours. The card for the daily Goddess reading is Rhea and her message is about flow. This is a great time to focus on the flow state theory as well as practicing a meditation that is designed to help activate the flow state.

In our empowerment message, we see that Rhea is bringing about a state of peace where everything begins to line up in our lives. It is this flow state that we are embracing now that Mercury Retrograde is over. There is a full moon on June 24 and now is the perfect time to ensure you are aligned at your highest frequency and ready to set your intentions. The universe is working on your behalf and the only thing that will interfere is you. Take yourself out of the equation and give the universe room to work!

If you are out of sync or have been operating at a lower vibration and feel stuck and stagnant, use the meditation below to bring yourself back into alignment. Then let yourself go — let yourself flow.

The flow state is filled with beauty, peace, and tranquility and is waiting for you to dive in!

You may see the June 24, 2021, Goddess reading below.

Here is a guided meditation that will help you activate the Flow State and reconnect with your higher self.

You may also get in touch with your divine self and activate the flow state through the use of frequencies, high alpha waves, and low theta waves. Check with your healthcare provider before listening to the following track with headphones if you have a medical condition that makes you susceptible to frequency work (i.e. pacemakers, epilepsy, etc.)

Thank you for those who joined in for the Goddess reading on both YouTube and Facebook. Please join us tomorrow as we see what the goddesses have in store!

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