Oracle Readings with Charisse Van Horn

Oracle readings differ from Tarot readings. As a Tarot reader, I use the standard 78 card deck that comprises 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana. Oracle decks aren’t limited to a number, design, or theme. Like Tarot, Oracle cards are tools used to connect the card reader with the Divine, therefore allowing a flow of information that brings revelation and awareness to any situation. Oracle cards are designed according to a theme and are a powerful way for developing greater self-awareness. I may also connect directly to spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and divine figures through Oracle cards as well.

Because of the freedom they contain, many people find Oracle cards easier to read than Tarot. They are best used with your intuition but often come with guidebooks that offer descriptions and interpretations for the cards’ imagery.

I have multiple Oracle decks and am led to various packs when providing Oracle readings. Whether you are searching for deeper insight into your personality to lead you to your higher self, or need a simple yes or no answer to a question, Oracle cards are powerful tools that provide answers.

Here are some of the oracle decks I work with.

I am a huge fan of Colette Baron-Reid and have several of her decks
Here is my Crystal Spirits Oracle Deck
Kyle Gray makes beautiful oracle decks like my Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards!
The Keepers of the Light Oracle deck is another beautiful set by Kyle Gray.
This is a gorgeous set — Moonology Oracle Cards!
Another beautiful Oracle set by Rebecca Campbell — Work Your Light
The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Set is a wonderful tool that will transform your life!
I still use several Doreen Virtue Oracle decks. I understand this is a controversial topic since she has disavowed the ‘New Age’

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