Tarot Cards And Readings With Charisse Van Horn

Tarot readings may seem mysterious at first, but they are simply a tool used by the cartomancer (a person who reads cards) to connect with Divine wisdom on behalf of the querent, or the person who seeks an answer from the Spirit realm. There is nothing inherently magical about the deck of cards. It is the reader’s connection to Spirit that draws the cards and interprets their meaning. The cards are simply the tool that provides the connection and readers (like myself) often aren’t limited to receiving and interpreting messages by tarot cards alone.

I began receiving my first messages as a young child and had visions accompanied by psychic phenomena from around the age of four. It may have occurred well before that, but four-years-old is what I consciously remember. Through many traveled roads, my journey has led me to use my wisdom and spiritual gifts to help others who are seeking help and answers.

One of my favorite Tarot Decks: The Light Seer’s Tarot
The Angel Wisdom Tarot redefines what you would expect in a tarot deck!
The Chakra Wisdom Tarot/Oracle deck by Tori Hartman
I also use the holographic, Rider-Waite Tarot Cards
My first tarot deck was Miss Cleo’s Power Tarot. I still use it for my daily tarot reading videos.

I read both Major and Minor Arcana, often with only upright-turned cards. It is only with a very intensive reading that I use reverse cards. I often activate my psychic awareness with the tarot draw, but once I am in a read, other senses come into play and I may see visions, hear or see words, or pick up other impressions. Therefore, I describe my tarot readings as a tool that connects me to the divine.

If I am giving a tarot reading session that extends past half-an-hour, I may branch into other areas as it is possible a past loved one may want to make contact. If this happens, I will tell you the impression or name I am picking up, and if the spirit will communicate, I may switch from Tarot Cards to pendulum work.

Over the course of my career, I have picked up many impressions that have led to significant results. I helped a woman understand that her loved one didn’t commit suicide but passed away from a physical reaction to new medication, and one time sensed an injury in a querent’s leg. When I questioned her about it, she replied it had been amputated. These are just several of many examples of my gifts in operation.

My gifts are not subject to my control. By that I mean I create an atmosphere conducive to communicating with the divine. I do not control whether spirits will come through, or what visions or impressions I will receive.

What I can guarantee, is that my tarot readings are accurate and they are a tool that opens the door for deeper wisdom, insight, and knowledge.

I have never given a tarot reading that didn’t open the door to deeper insight and allow both myself and the querent to peek beyond the veil into the spirit world.

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