The Wisdom of the Fool — April Fool’s Day Through The Tarot

On April 1, people celebrate April Fool’s Day and there’s no better way to reflect on the meaning of this day than through the Tarot. The beginning of tarot decks is The Fool. The card is represented by 0 (there are 22 major arcana cards in total) and in the Rider-Waite deck; the card shows a carefree man, merrily walking on his journey with his dog by his side, a rose in his hand, and his belongings attached to a stick. He is so excited to start his journey; he doesn’t seem to notice or care that he may walk off a cliff! He has high expectations to be a success and may be a little too impulsive to take an accurate assessment of the risks he may face. He may fail to heed the warnings issued by his trusted canine companion and find himself in situations he didn’t expect because of his naivety and inexperience.

Regardless, The Fool is the beginning of life’s journey, and though he may be a little naïve, his faith that all things will work together for good, carries him along his path.

As he grows, learns, and matures, he will go through the additional 21 major arcana cards and develop skills that will take him through his life — but for now, he is the Fool, full of adventure, curiosity, excitement, faith, hope, and willingness to venture into new projects and see where the journey takes him.

The Fool is often depicted as a jester, especially in older tarot card desks. And like the Fool in Tarot, a court jester often hides a hidden wisdom behind his foolish antics.

Many times the court jester would find himself in the presence of royalty where his humorous antics would keep the royal leaders entertained and happy. But also, the court jester could deliver deep messages that others wouldn’t be able to convey to the king or queen.

There is a certain wisdom that comes with The Fool and in Tarot, The Fool encourages us to step out in faith, be creative, and take risks. We will never move forward without taking that first step of faith, and often, we have to put our logic to the wayside (temporarily) in order to make that crucial step.

How many people could use logic and reason not to start a new business, not to begin a new relationship, not to move from one location to another, or even have a baby? Many times in life we are asked to put our logic and reason to the wayside and take a leap of faith. Without that leap, we will never grow.

On April Fool’s Day, take time to reflect on the new beginnings this day represents. Though it’s a day to celebrate pranks and tricks don’t fool yourself into thinking this day is all about playing jokes. April 1 or April Fool’s Day is the perfect time to harness the power of the Fool tarot card, set new intentions, and begin a new journey in faith, hope, and joy.

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